Local Action Plan

Setting up a participatory Landscape Observatory – territorial registry to support knowledge, conservation and promotion of the cultural landscape

The action includes the establishment of a participatory Landscape Observatory to act as a tool for better protection, management and planning of the landscape, in the framework of sustainable development. Key activities are the GIS Mapping of the areas using accurate updated data, the creation of a repository to store and manage data on landscape and land use, the identification of landscape values using a participatory process, the organisation of training, dissemination, and other activities (i.e photo contests, eco-tourism, etc) to increase awareness of landscape’s multifaceted roles and values in the regional capital. The Landscape Observatory can play the role of a center for the study and monitoring of landscape’s evolution, which may also initiate projects/studies concerning relevant issues. It will adopt a participatory approach encouraging multiple stakeholders to take part and work together.

Time frame:
Long Term
LAP for conservation of landscape and habitat in viticulture area and for valorisation of ecosystem services
Mun. of Platanias Mun. of Archanes
Municipalities and other regional authorities, public bodies such as the Land Registry Office, research institutes, collective bodies such as farmers' groups, key players from the tourism sector, and the general public.