Local Action Plan

Restructuring of the sector – sustainable increase of total hectares under vineyards in the pilot areas, increase of farm size; coping with farm fragmentation; sustainable modernization of farms

The main objective is to promote sustainable expansion and modernization of viticulture through targeted schemes, modifications in the legal framework in regard to planting new vineyards while encouraging young farmers to take up the activity and expand their farms, examining the possibility of land consolidation and reparceling, and reducing costs to increase competitiveness. This will be done by local, regional and national authorities and rural development agencies with respect to agricultural landscape.

Time frame:
Long Term
LAP on territorial governance for agroecological transition
Mun. of Platanias Mun. of Archanes
Ministry of Rural Development and Food in cooperation with local authorities (Region of Crete, Municipality of Platanias, Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia)