Local Action Plan

Restoration of dry-stone walls and terraces

This activity may result in maintained landscape beauty and natural diversity; conserved historical (cultural) heritage of the territory; preserved quality of the terraced landscaped; creating ideal environment for the flora and a refuge for multiple animals – Proliferation of autochthonous flora and fauna; increased environmental sustainability of hilly agro-ecosystem of high landscape value. Activities foreseen are repairing / rebuilding dry stone walls per year; training in traditional techniques of dry stone wall conservation; planting of new vineyards in restored terraces.

Time frame:
Short Term
LAP for conservation of landscape and habitat in viticulture area and for valorisation of ecosystem services
Mun. of Platanias Mun. of Archanes
Associations of grapevine growers and wine producers; Department for Technical Support of the Municipalities, Technicians Associations