Local Action Plan

Creation of recommendations for standard analysis of soil and plant material as a basis for calculating precise fertilization and possible application of biofertilizers in individual vineyards in Istria County

In order to implement this plan, it is necessary to create protocols for taking samples that will be used in laboratory analyses, as well as issuing practical usable recommendations for fertilization. According to the same model, it is crucial to react in the direction of protection against diseases and pests, to reduce the use of conventional means and increase or exclusively use ecological means. From the local authorities’ point of view, it is necessary to define systems for encouraging technologies that promote vineyard management, which lead in the direction of agro-ecological viticulture. The same should be applied in terms of disease and pest protection technology.

Time frame:
Med Term
LAP of agroecological transition.
Istria County
Administrative Department for Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fisheries and Water Management of Istria County Specialized public and private research institutions