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INTRO: The ECOVINEGOALS project at a glance

The ECOVINEGOALS project addressed key challenges arising from the intensive viticulture widespread in the ADRION (Adriatic-Ionian) region, through the application of agroecological practices to allow reconciliation of the productive, social, and environmental and landscape needs of the fragile wine-growing areas. The key project objective was the development of strategies, action plans, tools and capacities for the agroecological transition of areas under intensive viticulture cultivation towards low input, low emission management systems.

The project united the expertise of 10 partner institutions and organizations from Italy, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, and 9 associate partners from Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Belgium.

The project was structured in three main work packages:

Agroecological practices in vineyards

Agroecological practices in vineyards that aimed tobuild a common vision on the agroecological principles and methods applicable in vineyards to promote the agroecological transition of fragile viticultural areas and to preserve the valuable ecosystems and traditional landscapes.

Main actions / deliverables of this activity were:

  • Identification of relevant agroecological systems and practices
  • Structural analysis of selected areas and vineyard mapping
  • Analysis of the agroecological and economic performance of the pilot farms
  • Local Action Plans for agroecological transition
Landscape and habitat in viticulture

Landscape and habitat in viticulture focused onthe acquisition of awareness and tools for a transnational, shared approach towards the reconciliation of viticulture, landscape and habitat in fragile intensive viticulture areas of the ADRION region. This objective was pursued in a shared way, studying the landscape and habitat aspects of the Study Areas and developing guidelines for their protection.

Main actions/deliverables of this activity were:

  • Mapping of landscapes and habitats in the pilot areas.
  • Identification of shared methods and tools to evaluate and enhance traditional landscape and habitats
  • Local Action Plans for the conservation of landscape and habitat in viticulture areas and for the valorization of ecosystem services
Participatory governance for agroecological transition of vineyards

Participatory governance for agroecological transition of vineyards, realizing participatory backcasting paths in the selected study areas to increase the capacity for shared agroecological governance of the territory by public and private decision makers. The participatory paths developed allow the resolution of conflicts in territorial use though identification of shared solutions among interested parties and facilitate tailor-made local action plans to be created for the transition to agroecological viticulture.

Main actions/deliverables of this activity were:

  • Elaboration and implementation of participatory backcasting processes with the collaboration of stakeholders and policy makers.
  • Local Action Plan for territorial governance for agroecological transition

Learn more: https://ecovinegoals.adrioninterreg.eu/

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Ecological Vineyards Governance Activities for Landscape’s Strategies.



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